External Penetration Test – DMZ

External Penetration Test – DMZ

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The Client is seeking to carry out an Information Security Penetration Test for the entire External Perimeter (DMZ Zone Penetration), as part of its control/systems and to assess their security level.

TheMagnet® Cybersecurity Approach

The aim of the external Black Box penetration test is to identify, verify, and suggest corrective measures for potential vulnerabilities that might jeopardize the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data managed by the systems under review.

TheMagnet® executes various automated and manual testing methodologies on the Client’s environment throughout the penetration test, complemented by a comprehensive technical exposition of the discovered vulnerabilities and their corresponding corrective measures. This was accomplished by conducting a controlled and managed simulation of real attack and intrusion attempts on the systems and networks facing externally. This simulation included various attack scenarios, taking into consideration the diverse sophistication levels of possible cyber threat actors and their resources.

The Black Box penetration testing conducted adheres to global security testing standards and methodologies, ensuring compliance with internationally recognized security testing practices.


Our security consultants conduct a thorough analysis of the security evaluation outcomes to validate the detected vulnerabilities and assess their prospective influence on the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the Client’s data.

A detailed report provided a summary of the security assessment methodology that is followed, in agreement with the Client’s information security team, along with the details of the identified security vulnerabilities that contribute to technical Risks.

The recommendations provided in the report are structured to facilitate remediation of the identified security risks.

As the environment changes, and new vulnerabilities and risks are discovered and made public, an organization’s overall security posture will change. Such changes may affect the validity of such a report. Therefore, the conclusion reached from our analysis only represents a “snapshot” in time.

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