TheMagnet® Cybersecurity sponsors the 3rd Cyber Security Conference

TheMagnet® Cybersecurity sponsors the 3rd Cyber Security Conference

Nicosia, Cyprus; 28 September 2023

Digital innovation helps enterprises to flourish and keep ahead of the competition. Nevertheless, the digital revolution for every company comes with risks and creates new vulnerabilities. Corporate executives need to stay current with today’s cybersecurity challenges. They need to implement strategies with which their organizations can timely identify threats, and create resilience against any form of cyber-attack. The objective of the Cyber Security Conference is to provide insights into setting up, maintaining and improving information security, protection against hybrid threats and protection of critical infrastructure of companies and institutions. This can only be achieved through education on how to prevent, detect and defend against cyberattacks.

With the Digital Revolution sweeping the globe, all businesses, large and small corporations, organizations, and even governments are relying on computerized systems to manage their day-to-day operations, protecting data from internet assaults and unauthorized access is a significant responsibility for the company. As news of data breaches, ransomware, and hackers become the norm, continuous technological development necessitates a corresponding movement in cybersecurity practices.

Our own Senior Advisor Andreas Christoforides analysed the current cyber threat landscape and the cyber risks that Cyprus businesses are facing today. “Cybersecurity is not just about protecting data; it’s about protecting people.” This quote perfectly captures the essence of what we do at TheMagnet®. We believe that safeguarding your digital world is more than just safeguarding information; it’s about safeguarding you. Your security is our priority! 🌐🛡️

About TheMagnet® Cybersecurity

We are a specialised cybersecurity consulting team, offering a range of cutting-edge services to fortify your business against ever-evolving cyber threats. At TheMagnet® Cybersecurity, we understand that cybersecurity is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why our team customises our services to meet your unique requirements, enabling you to stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

With us as your cybersecurity ally, you can focus on your core business while we keep your digital assets safe and secure. Protect your future with TheMagnet® Cybersecurity today. Visit

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We aim for an on-going business and operation relationship with our business clients. TheMagnet® is a platform of trusted advisors for all type of businesses that provides innovative, tailor-made business consultancy services and solutions across all industries by leveraging best practices, skills and know-how.

We believe that bold steps define the future and that the ambition to lead requires the courage to adapt.

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