5G & Fiber Optics: The way that leads Cyprus to Ιndustry 4.0

5G & Fiber Optics: The way that leads Cyprus to Ιndustry 4.0

Infocom.Cy Conference took place in Nicosia on 7th December 2021. 

Infocom.Cy Conference is one of the largest Conferences for Telecoms, ICT and Security industries in Cyprus. It is an annual meeting place for digital industry executives, as well as those who use specialised tools and services to implement Digital Transformation. Digital growth is now transforming all sectors of the economy.

TheMagnet® was one of the Supporters of the event.

and TheMagnet®’s CEO, Mr. Periklis Theodoridis took part to the Leaders Summit’s section “Seeking the ROI”.

Quick preview of the event:

The difficult task of the parallel course of supply and demand, or otherwise investment and ROI, is called to be tackled by the top executives of ICT and Digital Communication companies in Cyprus.

And this task is, by no means, easy.

The very position of Cyprus is a “wish and a curse” for the island. On the one hand it is a telecommunications hub connecting Europe and the Middle East, on the other hand its geography itself makes the cost of interconnection more expensive.

And although for mobile telecommunications the path is already on high speed orbits, in the fixed telecommunications the optical fibers are still a minority and the removal of copper is quite far.

What are the steps that providers should follow? Do telecommunications’ investments remain high on the agenda? Is the regulatory framework favourable to collaborative models? Is supply sufficient to drive demand? or is the demand low and does not justify a large volume of investments? Can the State, through digital projects and other interventions, fuel the acceleration of the networks and give the necessary impetus to the inflow of funds?

Without networks and infrastructure, we can not talk about digital transformation in Cyprus.

Why TheMagnet®?

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