Provision of Services for Risk Assessment, Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan for a  Public Warning System 

Provision of Services for Risk Assessment, Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan for a  Public Warning System 

Project:Provision of Services for Risk Assessment, Business Continuity Plan, and Disaster Recovery Plan for a Public Warning System
Contracting Authority:Cyprus Civil Defense

TheMagnet®, a management and technology consulting firm (, has successfully drafted a complete set of documentation on Risk Register, Risk Assessment, Business Continuity Plan, Business Impact Analysis, and Criticality Requirements Assessment for Public Warning System through mobile phones.

The main purpose of the Risk Assessment, which includes the Contractor Risk Assessment and the Interdependencies Risk Assessment, is to provide a structured framework to identify and treat the risks involved with planning, design implementation and monitoring of a Public Warning System for the Republic of Cyprus which also takes into consideration Law 389 regulated by the Digital Security Authority.

The Business Continuity Plan, along with the Disaster Recovery Plan, describe the procedures to be carried out in the event of a major incident affecting the service of the Public Warning System. The Business Continuity Plan details the overall approach to Business Continuity and provides a framework to document and structure the response to a continuity incident by addressing the requirements for services, processes, and network systems.

The Cyprus Civil Defence is a Department of the Ministry of Interior whose main mission is the protection of the population. It is responsible for taking measures in response to natural or man-made disasters, potentially threatening human life and welfare, or even extensively damaging the island’s environment and natural resources. It is also responsible for protecting the civilian population during periods of armed conflict. The measures taken by the Cyprus Civil Defence include a series of actions regarding disaster prevention, preparation, response, strategic planning, education, mitigation, and rehabilitation at the aftermath of disasters.

TheMagnet® Advisors team comprised Periklis G. TheodoridisPanikos KalosDr. Evagoras D. Constantinides, and Mario Panayiotou.

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