TheMagnet® Consulting

Our management and technology consulting services apply to various aspects of a business from its customers, products, customer contact and services to its operations, strategies, and the organization per se to create real positive impact for a business. We are expanding selectively while being fully oriented to meet the specific needs and priorities of our clients.

Our Consulting services span multiple areas of expertise covering a broad range of business areas:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Business Transformation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Product Strategy
  • Solutions Design
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Data Analytics
  • Project Management
  • HR Consulting & Training

In our days, companies strive to develop and maintain an effective and enduring business model that takes into account every aspect of their business, define and focus on the most critical success factors for their business while keeping a balance across everything else. There are various elements we consider as highly important for the success of a business:  


identifying areas in the market for gaining and retaining market share.


understanding drivers of customer profitability and where to direct effort and resource to maximise returns.


measuring and mitigating risk of customer attrition amongst your valued customers to retain your business.


developing effective strategies and initiatives to win back market share.


defining your target market and designing effective customer contact.


creating lasting relationships with your customers sustaining repeat business.

Competitive Edge

designing products and services that differentiate your business from your competitors in the minds and hearts of your customers.

Business Reach

identifying new markets for creating market share.

Our management and technology consulting services apply to various aspects of a business from its customers, products, customer contact and services to its operations, strategies and the organisation per se to create real positive impact for a business.

Acquisition Retention Branding Performance Profit


We team up with exceptional companies and individuals to help companies go further faster, enabling quicker absorption of new ideas, skills and ways of working.

We work as one team to help you achieve the extraordinary!

Creative and versatile design studio with expertise in Design, Advertising, Social Media Content Creation and Management.

An innovative cloud hosting company that focuses on delivering high-performance cloud computing and web applications with high-availability, and cyber security and web acceleration solutions via a state-of-the-art infrastructure for demanding applications.

Marketing & Communications, Business Transformation, Diversification to the Middle East

Business Intelligence, Business Data Analytics (IIBA® Certified), Customer Support KPI Analytics & Training

Customed designed Consulting & Training provider in the HR & Talent Management field

An IT corporation specialising in custom software and hardware development, data analytics & artificial intelligence (AI), digital transformation and business intelligence.

IT strategy advisory services such as preparation of an IT plan and implementation strategy, setting standards, creating IT policies, technology recommendations, and finding the right IT talent for your organization. Business analysis and business process re-engineering services, preparation of tender documentation and system selection services, implementation, and Project Management services.

Neticle is one of the fastest-growing B2B SaaS startups based in Hungary, providing text analytics solutions for enterprises in more than 20 countries in the European region. The company has four products to boost data-based business decisions: Neticle Media Intelligence, which can show companies what the web thinks of their brand and products; Zurvey.io, which is an experience management tool, that is able to automatically analyse thousands of textual data like open-ended survey responses or product reviews. The motor of these systems is the Text Analysis API and Data API which can be easily integrated into companies' own platform.

Shapes the future of cross-platform advertising by introducing innovative technologies and methodologies to deliver content to online and offline publishers, while providing invaluable human-driven data analytics and insights to understand consumer behavior and habits.