Security Ratings & Analytics

Have a constant view of how secure your organization and your ecosystem really is, and easily communicate your posture to the board. Enhance your cybersecurity analytic capabilities to help you see and reduce cyber risks.

In today's world, with the rising prevalence of cyber-attacks and data breaches on a global scale, it has become imperative for organizations to assess the threats they face. It's no longer a mere luxury but an absolute necessity to maintain competitiveness. Investors and board members are increasingly inquiring about how the leadership team supports the organization's cybersecurity measures, putting significant pressure on security managers to showcase their performance and elucidate the current and potential financial risks to the company.

Security ratings emerge as a valuable tool at your organization's disposal, enabling proactive risk reduction across your entire attack surface. They leverage advanced data-scanning technology to provide an external perspective on your organization's security posture, as well as that of your third-party business partners. Instead of relying on guesswork when it comes to your cybersecurity controls, security ratings offer a data-driven assessment of your cyber performance. Continuously summarizing data in real-time, these ratings offer a reliable means to make informed decisions regarding your security performance.

Cybersecurity Ratings - Security Performance Management

Value-Added Features

Identify and address your most susceptible areas

Discover and assess the impact of new assets

Direct your efforts towards enhanced defense

Ensure uniform performance throughout your organization

Monitor performance trends over time

Tailor cyber insurance to align with your risk tolerance

Effectively communicate cybersecurity to the board in a language they understand

Allocate resources to prioritize the most critical concerns

Vendor Risk Management

Value-Added Features

Streamline the evaluation process through automation

Give precedence to critical and high-risk vendor assessments

Boost your progress with valuable insights