TheMagnet® becomes a member of TechIsland


TechIsland’s Onboarding Committee has approved TheMagnet®’s application for becoming a Supporting Member of TechIsland.

About TechIsland

TechIsland is a non-profit organisation with the vision of transforming Cyprus into the tech island of Europe. TechIsland has set an ambitious mission to make the tech industry the most impactful driver of GDP growth, tax revenue increase, and job market expansion on the island by the year 2030. Visit https://www.thetechisland.org/

About TheMagnet®

TheMagnet® is a management and technology consulting firm based in Cyprus. A platform of trusted Advisors for all type of businesses that provides innovative, tailor-made business consultancy services and solutions across all industries by leveraging best practices, skills, and know-how. Visit https://themagnet.com.cy.